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Hundreds of mid-size companies and enterprises from across the globe use our solutions to accelerate & optimize their businesses and ensure customer centricity.
BusinessProcess Inc. builds and manages workflows across departments and drives cloud-based solutions for effective employee collaboration and engagement.

Our goal is to drive your business transformation. As a strategic technological partner, we learn your existing systems and processes, select what you need to focuse on and implement efficient and cost-effective improvements to strengthen your interior and global infrastructure.
IT consulting & services /
Find out experts, tools and software we provide to devise any hard pipelines and flows for you.
Now, we are partners to a range of product companies, such as: Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, zohoCRM, Pipedrive, Bitrix24 and others.
years of implementation experience
profitable CRM, BPM and ERP projects
countries where we operate, including USA, Canada and UAE
Audit & Planning
To organize knowledge and stay on track, our specialists align on client's goals and develop a solid plan backed by analysis, research and experience.
Implementation process
Designed technical specifications ensure smooth progression of the work. Our task is to restructure business capabilities while managing and integrating projects seamlessly with existing environments.
Employee engagement and support
We have extensive experience in how to evolve people run with software painlessly. With ongoing training, we accomplish better team's productivity and collobaration.
Inter-process looks like /