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Full Service CRM Implementation
Is a core expertise of our business.

Since 2012, we have been bringing the business processes of companies to the next level through business automation, telephony setup, staff training, and implementation of CRM and BPM systems.

Based in California, we serve clients nationwide in the US.

What Can We Do For You?
We'll show you where your business processes can be automated, and which solutions are best for you. We'll also help you through the sometimes daunting process of making the switch to a new system. Our experts will give you the tools to reduce burden, increase revenue, and serve your customers better than ever.

IT Solutions
(ZohoCRM, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AmoCRM, Bitrix24)

Process mapping before implementation
For each project we create a plan laying out the tactics and deliverables, so everyone understands the process and can work efficiently together.

Integration with other services
Connect your CRM and sync data between all of your desired tools such as calendars, emails, task managers, social media, calling software, etc.

Staff Training
We provide educational resources for your team such as recorded webinars, tutorial videos, and instructional materials.

Customer Relationship Management
Is CRM a Right Solution for Your Business?
Definitely YES if you are currently facing any of the following challenges:
  • Enhance Sales Team Transparency and Customer Accounting
    Reduce sales process inefficiency, measure sales performance and increase revenue. Qualify your leads and don't lose sales opportunities.
    CRM software facilitates customer acquisition, retention, raising customer lifetime value (CLV), and enhancing your competitive edge.
  • Scale a Business in Fast Growing Environment
    When business is booming, you need to scale your business as fast as possible and know everything that is going on. CRM is an essential tool for small and medium businesses to bring all their data together.
  • Improve Internal Operational Efficiency
    A good CRM integrates with your existing business process and data to help you aid your team in day-to-day activities and also in making it more efficient and productive. It's important to have all your sales, customer information, financials and other crucial business information at hand when making critical decisions.
  • Transition to Digital Document Management
    We can help you create a smooth and successful transition to electronic document management. Ideal for small to medium businesses, our electronic document management systems will simplify your workflow and make it easy to share documents securely.
  • Implement Effective Task Management
    Managing your tasks can be a daunting, but it's important to map out the activities that need to be completed. The task management system enables you to manage tasks in one central location. This simplifies the process of project planning and tracking, providing you with up-to-date information across all departments and teams.
  • Employee Time and Productivity Tracking
    Time is money. Never waste it again. A CRM system is ideal for managing employee time. Billing and invoicing are automatic. Define the working hours of your employees, allocate breaks and monitor their activity automatically. It's easy to create records and status reports, so you can track your employees' productivity.
  • Improve Internal Communications
    There's no longer any need to worry about which department should review a customer interaction or how to share information with another team. CRM provides a central online location for storing customer records and personal interactions. This allows all departments to easily access and share information about the company's interactions with customers whenever they need.
  • Employees Switch to Remote Working
    Communication becomes an issue when you are not in the same place as your team members. We are here to help you overcome the challenges of having remote workers and ensure your employees are productive. CRM solution makes it easy for people to work when and where they want, while maintaining the same level of clarity needed in a traditional office environment.
How do you decide which CRM to choose?
We've prepared a free quiz for you to define which solution meets your business needs the best.
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What is Our Process?
When you choose to partner with us, we will earn your trust. We'll help you select a CRM solution that's right for your needs. Our experts will install and configure it, train your team, and make sure you're up and running. Then they'll support you as your needs grow. If you ever have questions or run into problems, we're here to help.
Contact us and tell your challenge.
We thoroughly analyze your business needs and provide you with information about possible CRM solutions, integrations and customizations that will increase the efficiency of your business.
Receive estimated prices, cost-benefit analyses and implementation timelines, so you can effectively plan your time and budgets.
Start project implementation process under supervision of our experts.
Get online training for your teams to ensure that the CRM system is properly adopted company-wide.
Receive 360 days of technical support.
Are you interested in CRM Solutions and would you like to know more? In this case we invite you for a free 15 minute clarity call by phone or via Zoom with one of our experts.
In the interview we will formulate your request for help and we can both decide which solution is the best for you.

Why Choose Us?
We're a team of CRM consultants who believe that CRM is the future. We founded our business to make it easy for small and medium businesses to develop their customer relationships.

  • CRM Learning Online Training
    Our CRM training program builds an internal community of user-advocates and is designed to ensure all your employees know, understand and make the most out of your CRM. Let our high-impact training plan serve as a catalyst for your sales performance successes.
  • Expertise and Professionalism
    From concept to launch, our process has time-tested success that has worked for over 200 clients. We have the confidence, capacity and flexibility to build for you a custom solution to help your team reach their goals. Our comprehensive product range is backed by a wealth of experience and expertise in the business processes automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software implementation.
  • We Increase CRM Adoption Rates
    We prevent you from losing thousands of dollars a year by making sure the CRM you bought is actually USED!
    We have developed a unique CRM learning platform for corporate clients. It allows you to test and improve the skills of current employees as well as to smooth the onboarding process for newcomers. Our software increases the chances are that your sales team will be using the CRM to its fullest potential.
  • Custom Implementation Plan
    We architect and design in detail the process needed to implement your custom CRM solution. Our consultants and engineers will help you put together your implementation plan, workflow scheme, and description of project processes.
Explore Our Cases
IT Solution for
The CustomInsured Customized Health Insurance Solutions is a health portal that provides turnkey support in administrating and managing group health plans for company's employees.

Niche: Health Insurance
Location: TX, USA

Business Processes Automation for GATESBRIDGE
GATESBRIDGE is an investment advisor company that helps businesses expand and grow through attracting investments.

Niche: Investments
Location: Vancouver, Canada.
1. Customer needs fall behind.
2. Customer data is silos, and there are difficulties with the customer data recovery.
3. The sales process does not incorporate analysis.

1. Implementation of CRM system Bitrix24.
2. Separately structured sales funnels.
3. Customer service staff trained online to effectivelyuse various CRM tools.
1. CRM system became easy to use.
2. Customer information is properly managed and updated.
3. Trained staff gets the most out of the CRM software.

CRM Implementation
for Las Vegas Medicare Pros
Medicare provides personalized health insurance plans for individuals. The company has been successfully growing for 18 years.

Niche: Health Insurance
Location: Las Vegas, CA, USA

1. No centralized customer relationship management system
2. Potential clients inquiries were not properly tracked
3. The team didn't understand the full functionality of CRM systems

1. Sales efficiency enhanced by proper CRM implementation.
2. Switch from multichannel support to centralized system for interaction with customers.
3. Employees have a firm understanding of how the CRM system ties into their job responsibilities.

Understand what it takes to implement a successful CRM system project. Find out how long the implementation process will take, how much it will cost you and whether or not it is the right decision for your company. Call or request a consultation now!

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